Welcome to St Laurence, Meriden


Sunday 8th November 10:50am.

We will remember them.

You are invited to join with other villagers watching a service of Remembrance that has been recorded by St Laurence Church and the Parish Council. The Last Post is played just before 11am, leading into 2 minutes silence then Reveille.
The suggestion is that people move to their doorsteps to mark the 2 minutes silence, united as a community.

Here’s the link: https://youtu.be/a2uv3WJFRpo


Attending worship at St Laurence
Before you arrive:
We ask you to consider your own risk of attending an indoor gathering. While we will be taking a number of steps to keep you safe, we cannot make this risk-free. You might want to look at the NHS guidance on whether you are at higher risk of coronavirus and be guided by their advice.

We ask you NOT to attend the service if you have:

  • A new cough
  • A temperature
  • Lost your sense of smell or taste

You are welcome to wear a mask/face covering. Please remember that face coverings protect others from your germs – they are not very good at protecting you from other people’s germs. They are not a replacement for good social distancing, hand hygiene, and self-isolating if you have symptoms

When you arrive
The doors will open 15 minutes before the service. Before that you will need to wait on the church path. 2 metre markings will be chalked on the path to help you stay a safe distance from others in the queue.

We will let people into the building in households/bubbles. You will be asked to sanitize your hands on arrival, then go immediately to a seat in church. The next household/bubble can then be let in.

Places in the pews have been identified and marked with a contact form. We ask you to go straight to a seat and remain there for the duration of the service.

Music will be playing to help you pray as you wait for the service to begin.

The main door will be open to allow some ventilation so you may notice it is a little cooler than you expect

During the Service
The words you need for the service will be projected on the screens. (If you prefer a paper order of service, ask the welcomer for one. This will then be your personal copy. Please take it home with you after the service and bring it back next time.)

Due to risk of aerosol spread, there will be no singing during the service.

We ask that when you are saying the responses that you speak quietly and prayerfully – again to reduce risk of droplet spread.

At the end of the service
Please complete the contact card and leave it in the pew.

After the priest has processed out, the church warden will ask people to leave a row at a time. Please wait until you have been asked to leave.

Please take any orders of service home with you.

Please do not stop to chat while leaving the building. Once out of the building you are welcome to talk in small groups of not more than 6 in the churchyard. Please do not block other people’s exit from the building. Please remember to stay 2m apart from people from other households/bubbles.

If you test positive for coronavirus up to three weeks after the service, please let us know.

At St. Laurence Church, our mission is to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in all that we are and in all that we do. We are a small, welcoming church family of varying ages and backgrounds, committed to worshipping God, helping one another grow as disciples and serving our community.

St Laurence’s is an Anglican Church in the Diocese of Coventry.  It is a Norman church founded on what is thought to be the site of an earlier Saxon church founded by Lady Godiva: people have worshipped God in this place for almost 1000 years. Perhaps it is because of these centuries of prayer, but many who visit our church fall in love with its peaceful and prayerful atmosphere.



Here at St Laurence we take your well-being seriously.
The PCC of St Laurence has have adopted the Coventry Diocese Safeguarding policy on 13th May 2019 which can be viewed via the following link: Safeguarding Policy

Should you have any safeguarding concerns please contact our Safeguarding Officer via the following link Safeguarding

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